Summit Dream


May 2009
This was Kurtís first attempt at Mt. Everest. Kurt has been able to stay pretty healthy on most of his previous international climbs. Unfortunately, he struggled with stomach problems during most of his Everest expedition. He first got ill on the trek into Base camp and was never quite able to fully recover. Given this problem, it is remarkable that he was able to make it all the way to Camp III at 24,500 feet. During his decent from Camp III, Kurt sustained frostbite on eight of his fingers and was forced to abort his summit bid. It was a great learning experience! Kurt hopes to return to Everest someday to give it another try. Click here to view photos from his Everest expedition or watch his YouTube video where he shares photos and Investment Lessons from Everest.

Spring 2009
Kurt Gusinde was recently profiled in the Spring 2009 edition of Thunderbird School of Global Management Magazine. Turn to page 59 of Thunderbird Magazine.

December 2008
Kurtís second expedition to Ecuador proved to be much more successful than the 2001 expedition -- in large part as a result of the excellent leadership of Jose Luis Peralvo with Alpine Ascents International. Although stomach problems dictated that Kurt skip a summit attempt of Cayambe, he recovered in time to summit Cotopaxi at 19,347 feet and Chimborazo (the highest peak in Ecuador) at 20,702 feet. Click here to view photos of the expedition.

October 2008
This was Kurtís second successful expedition to Mexico to climb the third and seventh highest peaks in North America: El Pico de Orizaba at 18,850 feet and Iztaccihuatl at 17,343 feet. The weather and snow conditions were near perfect, making the climb all the more enjoyable. The team, overall, was very strong and the guides were great. Climbing the Mexico volcanoes provides an excellent opportunity for those interested in developing the experience and skill necessary to challenge the worldís highest mountains. Click here to view photos of the two summits.

December 2007
Kurt was successful in his first attempt to summit Carstensz Pyramid. Carstensz Pyramid is the highest peak on the Australasian continent. (16,023 feet) Although not technically difficult, it is perhaps the most challenging of the "Seven Summits" to access. The climb itself involves fifth class rock climbing on beautiful limestone. Kurt has now successfully climbed six of the "Seven Summits". Click here to view photos from Carstensz Pyramid.

July 2007
This expedition to Bolivia was even more successful than we could have imagined. We began the expedition with some sight-seeing in La Paz, followed by a seven-day acclimatization trek along the old Inca Route. Then, in just two weeks, we successfully climbed four peaks: Pyrimida Blanca at 17,159 feet; Pequeno Alpamayo at 17,618 feet; Huayna Potosi at 19,974 feet and Illimani at 21,201 feet. Each climb was unique and spectacular in its own way. The climate, the people, the culture, along with the opportunity to climb a number of peaks in a very short time make this a "must do" expedition for aspiring mountaineers. Click here to view the Bolivia photos.

December 2005
Kurt was successful in his first attempt to summit Mt. Vinson. Vinson, the highest mountain on the Antarctic continent at 16,067 feet, is one the seven summits that constitute Kurtís Summit Dream. Although technically moderate, the team of four climbers had severe environmental challenges. They battled several days of very high winds, with gusts well in excess of 50 mph. They faced the extreme Antarctic cold; the average temperature during the climb was approximately -20ļF. Click here to view photos of his Vinson summit.

June 2005
Kurt successfully summited Denali in the Alaskan interior. At 20,320 feet, Denali (Mt. McKinley) is the tallest mountain in North America. From top to bottom, it rises nearly 18,000 feet -- an elevation gain unsurpassed anywhere in the world. Denali is a mountain of extreme conditions where a climber may encounter 100-mph winds and -40ļF temperatures. Alternatively, some days can be quite hot with sunshine lasting up to 20 hours. Click here to view photos from his three-week conquest of Denali.

February 2005
Kurt was successful in his attempt to summit the tallest mountain in the Americas and the highest mountain outside of Asia - Aconcaugua, at 22,829 feet. Located along the Chilean/Argentinean border the "Stone Sentinel" rises approximately 4,000 feet above its neighboring peaks and truly dominates the rugged Andean landscape. Click here to see photos of his four week adventure in Andes Mountains of Argentina.

July 2004
Kurt was successful in his first attempt to summit the highest peak on the European Continent - Mount Elbrus. The Caucus Range links the Caspian Sea with the Black Sea and creates a natural boundary between the steppes of Russia and the southern states of Azerbaydzhani, Georgia and Armenia. At 18,510 feet, Mount Elbrus stands as the pinnacle of this 700-mile long mountain range. Click here to see photos of his two week adventure in Russia climbing Mt. Elbrus.